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Boy and Girl.
Rating community.
Do you have what it takes?


Rules for Joining
1)Do NOT comment anywhere besides your own application, until you have been accepted.
2)You are allowed to apply 3 times before you are banned. You must wait a week.
3)I WILL accept or reject you within three days, do NOT complain...or you will be banned.
4)Put the application behind an lj-cut or it will be deleted.
5)Put "Am I gorgeous?" in the subject line.
6)You MUST apply within 48 hours of joining.
7)Do not delete your application.

1)Stay Active
2) Be nice to members
3) You may be harsh to applicants
4) Put "stamped" on the subject line
5) If promoting a community, put it in an lj-cut


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

For people who deleted their application.
Can't handle being rejected? Think before you apply.


July 23-August 4
Post pictures of things you like to do (lj-cut)

Scavenger Hunt
This one is not live. You can get it off of the internet.
1.An object of your favorite color.
2.Your favorite animal
3.A funny picture
4.A model
5.Anything that starts with "b"
6.An instrument
7.Something soft
8.A horrible movie
9.A fairy

This is mostly for fun.
If you think you're better looking than a member(not mod, I am not trying to earn points)
then post this application.
The person challenging someone can only do it once a week.

If the member being challenged does not like the pictures you have posted, he/she may post two different ones.
Members: On the subject line put who you are voting for.
Way to be kicked out: If you are challenged by three different members
and lose three times. But,you may re-apply.
The voting will go on for three days.
The winner wins 30 points.
Don't be afraid to be a bitch.
Losers: Suck it up. Don't complain